Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does EPIC have a 24/7 dispatch center?

YES.  EPIC has a live 24/7 dispatch officer available along with roaming supervisors.

How often does EPIC invoice?

EPIC will provide invoices or estimates upon request, weekly, or by episode.  You tell us.  We will accommodate.

Does EPIC manage costs to our clients.

Epic Production Security oversees and manages the amount of time each guard is working a particular shift.  Maintaining constant contact with our guards provides EPIC to properly schedule shift changes efficiently providing additional savings to our clients.

How often does EPIC make shift changes?

Based on our clients needs EPIC changes guards out prior to overtime charges.  This ensures a cost savings and also provides our clients fresh, alert guards.

What Production Companies has EPIC done business with?

Epic Production Security staff have proudly been providing location security for over 35 years of combined security and production experience with the major studios

Is there guard consistency?

EPIC Operation Managers have an extensive roster of guards that have been working in production security for several years.  These guards have a long lasting relationship with EPIC and this ensures lower turn over.

Can EPIC provide rush guards?

Production Security Services has the ability to deploy guards typically within the hour.  EPIC guards are ready and standing by.

Do EPIC guards wear uniforms?

Yes. EPIC guards are well groomed, and wear clean, white Class A shirts, Black Slacks, Black Shoes, Sturdy Black Bomber Jackets along with High Visibility Security Vests

How does EPIC track guard times?

EPIC has a highly efficient system to ensure all guard start and off times are accurate and reviewed.  EPIC provides invoices with detailed shifts including dates, locations, on and off times, guard names and costs associated to that particular shift.

Does Epic have a environmental/ corporate sustainability policy and compliant with ISO 14011?

Epic is dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact and continuously improving our environmental performance. Our commitment to the environment extends to our customers, staff, and the community in which we operate. We comply with all applicable environmental regulations and strive to prevent pollution whenever possible. For example, we encourage the use of reusable water bottles on job sites. Additionally, Epic utilizes hybrid vehicles to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Our environmental and corporate sustainability policy is guided by recognized certification bodies and reflects our overall commitment to preserving the environment for future generations. PSS is compliant with ISO 14011.